March 2020 - PCTELINDIA

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Hidden Cameras

  CCTV cameras suppliers are being very popular these days. They are the most reliable source of evidence one could look for, in case of any emergency or any kind of mishappening. The CCTV camera can bring out the most real aspect of a situation that took place in the past. Being the most user-friendly … Read more

Importance of CCTV’S in today’s Life

Advantages of CCTV cameras Observing the present conditions of the world, with all the riots, crimes, protests and chaos happening right now, almost everywhere in our country, it has become a necessity to be on our toes all the time. We and our properties are becoming more and more vulnerable to face such insecure issues … Read more


Intrusion is believed to be peeping and entering into something, where you are not welcomed. In technological terms, some elements which enter into a certain area (which is usually possessed by someone else), with unauthorized means, can be considered to be as ‘Intruders’. Being unwelcomed guests, the intruders are for sure not liked by anyone. … Read more