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Hidden Cameras


CCTV cameras suppliers are being very popular these days. They are the most reliable source of evidence one could look for, in case of any emergency or any kind of mishappening. The CCTV camera can bring out the most real aspect of a situation that took place in the past. Being the most user-friendly device, a CCTV can be installed almost anywhere. From home to office, hospital to hotel, on roads, railway stations, airports, schools, CCTV cameras are EVERYWHERE! Being easily accessible, easy to operate, pocket – friendly, there are many more advantages of installing CCTV cameras, which we are sure, everyone will be agree with.

After discussing so many ‘good things’ related to CCTV Bullet cameras, there could still be the need of a system which can be used to do the surveillance without letting the people around  you ‘know’ that they are being observed or looked after. This brings the concept of ‘Hidden cameras’ or ‘Spy cams’ to life. As the name says, a Hidden camera is meant to remain hidden from the surroundings. It is usually needed in such circumstances where the people are not really aware of being recorded.  Though this concept is not very old, but many people are not really aware of what a Spycam is, or how a Spy cam can be installed, and how a hidden camera can be used. This article covers almost everything related to hidden cameras, their usage, variety and how creatively they are manufactured, so as to hide their actual task and identity, and appear like a completely different object to someone.

A hidden camera can be placed anywhere portably, being of a very small size. It could be in the form of a pen, a charging adapter, a light bulb, a sensor, a button of a shirt, and it could even be attached to the eye glasses! There is basically no end to the imagination and creativity of various companies and manufacturers like Hikvision.

These cameras are not only available for reasonable prices, but also very much capable of recording sufficient amount of information, with quite a good picture quality. The quality of the camera may range from 8  – 12 MP, though some cameras come with high definition quality, as the amount increases.  The Spycam are mostly wireless, and they run on batteries with a back – up of around 5 – 24 hours.

The Spycam are easily available in the market, and they are popularly used by detectives also, for investigation purpose. Some of the very popular sting operations have also been carried out by various journalists and reporters with different kinds of spycam. They have all the qualities of CCTV cameras . with an extra advantage of not being seen and known by everyone else, except for the people who involove in  cctv installation, this being the USP of Spy cameras.

Some hidden cameras have the capability of streaming live recording with the help of wi-fi, whereas some may save the recorded videos to a micro SD card.

Though it seems that the Spycam have only advantages, and no drawbacks, but it is not so. They spy cameras can be used for illegal purposes also. We have come across the cases when the cameras are hidden behind mirrors and other objects in changing rooms and hotel rooms respectively. Hiding Spycam Scan be illegal which brings a big risk in such cases, though it is always suggested to search carefully for hidden cameras in changing rooms, hotel rooms and washrooms etc. The solution of a problem comes running after it. In present case, it is Hidden camera detector. There are many applications available in Playstore or Appstore, which guarantees to detect the hidden cameras nearby, and there are devices also available, which can be used for this purpose. It does not matter where the camera is hidden, it could be found out with the reflection of camera lens, when an infrared beam is shot.

So, over all, the hidden cameras definitely have amazing capabilities, but if used for unfair means, it can be a bane also.


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