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intrusion system


Intrusion is believed to be peeping and entering into something, where you are not welcomed. In technological terms, some elements which enter into a certain area (which is usually possessed by someone else), with unauthorized means, can be considered to be as ‘Intruders’. Being unwelcomed guests, the intruders are for sure not liked by anyone. They can reach into your office, your home, your cabin, your desk and even to your data! Hence, it is important to detect the intrusion as soon as one suspects to come across these negative elements.

Since the advancement of technology, there are some reliable systems built, which are dedicatedly working for your safety and security of your space. Such system can proudly be called as IDS, acronym for Intrusion Detection System. It keeps an eye on the network and completely monitors the activities happening on it. In case it finds something ‘not reliable’, and violating the specified terms. It raises the red flag and send warnings to the user in some ways.

Many companies dealing with the security related products, have launched their intelligent systems of detection of intruders, one such device which helps in this cause is AXHub, a product of Hikvision. It integrates various sensors, cameras and alarms etc, for the detection of any intrusion, if happening. AXHub uses the most advanced methods and technologies, like Cloud Computing, iVMS(a centralized video management software) and IVaaS(Intrusion Verification as a Service), in which the CCTV cameras and intrusion Alarm System combine their services.

The AXHub works centrally to integrate the whole system. The IVaaS is responsible for providing a 7 – second video captured during the alarm rings. It even provides a 5 – sec video before the alarm, and a 2 – sec video after the alarm rings. These clips of videos are high in quality and they are sent to the user using Hikvision DVR – Connect or iVMS or a Central Monitoring System.

The whole system works in a modern way, unlike the conventional Intrusion Detection System, which could ring an alarm for everything, which could not necessarily be an intrusion. Since Hikvision has incorporated a verification process also, this genuinely lets the buzzer ring when any intrusion is found. Also, the videos thus captured are recorded safe in the control panel. This is one of the biggest advantages of AXHub, since an intruder can perform any damage to the CCTV cameras, for avoiding any further video to be recorded. But the videos captured using the system created by AXHub are immediately saved and sent to the user through mails etc.

This Hikvision system can be remotely accessed from any location. Also, as far as the compatibility is concerned, the AXHub works finely with any Hikvision camera or intrusion detection system.

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