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Latest Technology You should Aware of Home Monitoring Robot – Riley

What if there is someone taking care of your home while you are out? What if your home is being surveilled and the pictures are being sent to you directly when you are away! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Does it seem like the future of home security? Well, being a smart example of robotics, such technology exists now, embedded into a small package called ‘Riley’.

Being a product of a company called ‘iPatrol’, it is an Appbot, a movable camera, specially designed to take care of the safety of your home. It can run on any kind of surface, whether grass, concrete, or carpet, using its grippy silicon belts, and they are available in multiple colours too! It is capable of rotating itself by 360 degrees with the head which can be tilted by 120 degrees. Using its intelligent camera, it transmits the pictures in high definition quality, which can be zoomed in / out. It can capture still shots and record videos as is kind of spycam we can say.

Riley consists of a Li-ion Polymer battery, a 5 mega pixel  IPcamera with IR night vision, a microphone and a speaker, which lets you have a 2-way communication. Riley can be accessed remotely from your computer also. Being embedded with Motion Detection technology, it sends you the pictures using your home’s wifi network instantly when it observes any kind of movement nearby. It even moves and docks itself to the charging station when it gets low on the battery, and it still keeps surveilling the nearyby area from the dock. It can stand on its own repeatedly, if it falls down in any angle.Many companies like Hikvision ,Dahua also deliver these type of Camera functions.

You simply need to download an app from Playstore or Appstore and Riley can be controlled remotely from your smart phone too. Using its app, you can take a view of your home ANYTIME you want, that too, of any area and any angle, since Riley can be navigated with the movements controlled by your phone. Though the normal CCTV cameras also allow monitoring a remote area with an IP address, but they are fixed on walls to cover only a defined area.

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